A downloadable game for Windows

Talas'witch is a side-scrolling shoot em up game about Talasya the witch who chased by the Dark lord minion's because unknown reasons, can she survive??

it's feature 2 mode

-. Survival mode : your play with limited bullet and few health, your main goal is survive for wave of dark lord minions, still you can fire on them.

-. Rushing mode : the enemy will spawn more than Survival mode but with unlimited bullets and much health to your player, your main goal is shoot the enemy as much as possible.


-. Movement of player is using mouse than arrow keys for faster gameplay

-. To cast a spell/shoot is using "space" key

-. Z key to back to menu when play in survival or rushing mode

-. Escape/ESC key to exit game.

-. C key to paused the game.


Music is by Noisysundae, Canotator, and Mas123

game is free


Talaswitch.1.2.2 .exe 14 MB